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Icon Projects reflects an ultra-modern approach to completing extraordinary construction projects. We believe in cutting-edge application of technology to the construction process. Our projects feature modern project document management, real-time project status, and everything the latest technology offers to allow us to deliver high quality projects safely and efficiently.

Icon Projects is a highly respected and experienced firm that sets the standard for professionalism and expertise in the construction industry.

General Contracting

As full-service general construction contractors, Icon Projects provides personalized customer service, skilled staff, an understanding of client needs, and strong support from the local markets’ best subcontractors, tradesman and skilled labor on every project. Our highly-trained general contractors are responsible for day-to-day management of vendors and tradesmen on each jobsite, as well as thorough reporting on the project progression throughout the course of a build-out.

We handle all aspects of a construction project by applying for building permits, securing the property, providing temporary utilities on site, managing personnel onsite, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing or recycling of construction waste, monitoring schedules and cash flows, and maintaining accurate records. Our clients can rest assured Icon Projects will take the project from the engineering and design phase to ready-to-show completion with ease and engagement.

Construction Management

As qualified construction management experts, the Icon Projects teams oversees the planning, coordination and control of projects from planning and scheduling to design and build-out. Our CM services are specific to each individual client to help represent their specific hotel or casino location. We provide project management planning; cost, time, quality and safety management; decision making; contract administration, and professional practice.

Our teams work closely with clients to judge the feasibility and devise a schematic design for Macau’s continuing initiative to build world-famous hotel, restaurant, retail and casino projects on the island. We help draw up contract documents and procure purchase orders so our clients can focus on what they do best – entertaining their guest at their beautiful and exciting gaming and lodging establishments.

CAD Services

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has quite simply revolutionized the construction industry. The efficiency and project quality improvements from the implementation of CAD have reshaped the way projects are designed and built. Shop drawings, as-builts and method statements are prepared in house by Icon Projects personnel. As innovators in advanced design and construction techniques, Icon Projects embraces technology that allows us to bring our customers higher quality projects, in less time.

The state of the art CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools that Icon Projects uses allow all members of your project’s design team to review construction documents as well as supporting detailed drawings with great ease. This allows for streamlined submission and approval processes prior to construction.

Quantity Surveying

Icon Projects offer a range of building and construction services that elevate our clients with the highest levels of control, quality and value in every aspect of project delivery. Services such as design and development, quantity surveying, programming and scheduling, value engineering, and of course complete contracting and construction management of every trade type are just a few of the core services Icon Projects offers in-house.

Project Delivery Systems

Icon Projects provide cutting-edge project delivery systems, along with traditional methods, such as:


An owner develops contract documents with an architect or engineer consisting of a set of blueprints and a detailed specification. Bids are solicited from contractors based on these documents; a contract is then awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

Design-Build (DB) or Design-Construct

An owner develops a conceptual plan for a project, then solicits bids from joint ventures of architects and/or engineer and builders for the design and construction of the project.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

A project delivery method in which the interests of the primary team members are aligned in such a way that the members can be integrated for optimal project performance resulting in a collaborative, value-based process delivering high-outcome results to the entire building team.

Value Engineering

Icon Projects encourages strong alliances with clients and thriving team environment dynamics by exercising due diligence in every project. Our professional staff provides unmatched engineering services by identifying and assessing commercial and contractual risks and potential exposure inherent to any successful construction strategy. We facilitate workshops and meetings, empowering clients to make informed decisions to mitigate any and all risk.

At Icon Projects, we take a systematic approach to merging the value of our engineering and design services with efficient building techniques by examining the functionality of our work. Where appropriate, Icon Projects brings together integrated teams of specialists, experts and consultants from our vast relationships and contacts database to incorporate key skills necessary to deliver strategic information, and maximum value to our clients.

Project Monitoring, Planning and Programming

Icon Projects’ experienced project managers serve as client representatives, reviewing both time and cost performance during the project to empower and enable them with informed decision-making tools. Managing contractual liabilities and commercial exposure, Icon Projects’ planning unit provides a wide range of services based on planning tools and software that facilitate the overall control process.

Service Maintenance

The right maintenance management resources help Icon Projects provide world-class service to our clients. We employ more than 20 construction industry professionals, exhibiting our commitment to offering consistent investment in people, systems, and best practice procedures. We have the staff, resources and experience to properly manage commissions of any size and complexity.

Employing corporate best practice systems, Icon Projects is proud to serve a growing portfolio of international clients. We have equipped our offices with IT and communication systems upgrades including MS Exchange servers, cloud-based software systems, and upgraded hardware.